Saturday, May 5, 2007

Hot Fuzz (2007)



Aditya said...

uve got a really good suggestion for movies...
from all over the world.....

hav u seen the following korean movies?
1. My Sassy Girl (IMDB 8.0)
2. When I Turned Nine (IMDB 7.6)
3. Windstruck (IMDB 7.1)
4. Classis (Keulraesik) (IMDB 7.6)
5. My Little Bride (IMDB 7.1)
6. A Moment to Remember (IMDB 7.9)
7. Lovers' Concerto (IMDB 7.5)

Alita said...

Hallo :)
Thank you for the appreciation. In fact I saw A Moment to Remember, but, I don't know, I decided not to include it in the list because it was too much drama for me :)
My Sassy Girl is in my TO SEE movies list, maybe next month :)
Thank you for the other suggestions!

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